New Year’s Resolutions..

playing on paint

It wasNew Year’s Eve 2012, but something went wrong with this post, so here it is in 2013 instead! It’s been a good year, but  slightly stressful. The highlights of the year being Graduation, holidays in Belgium and Dublin, a couple of trips to London, lots of 21st birthdays, and good times with family and friends. I can’t remember if I ever made any new year’s resolutions last year, or if I kept them, but I remember that my main aim was to get onto a PGCE course.   Sadly that didn’t happen, and it continues to be the main source of stress in my life. .. Although, thinking about it, I may have also vowed to stop biting my nails again, and I can proudly say that I have (more or less) achieved that!

Instead of merely giving myself an extension on last year’s wish/ target of getting onto a PGCE course, I think i’ll decide on a few less-important resolutions. Some little things that should make me appreciate and enjoy 2013 that little bit more.

Instructions for Naomi 2013

1. Don’t worry so much about things before you’ve even tried to sort them out. So often things turn out much easier to sort than you’d imagined them being. – E.g. When you found out that your MA course was on Saturdays, you didn’t sleep for about a week because you were worrying you’d have to leave your job, but then wouldn’t be able to afford the course as a result. You worried about asking your manager far too much, and all she said was “Yeah, that’s fine, ” that is all it took, you massive numpty. And you bloody love that course now, don’t you!?!

2. Don’t be lazy. You have lots of ideas,  things that you fancy making, books you fancy reading, essays to get cracking on with  a bit earlier than a week before the deadline, blogs you keep forgetting about, diaries you start, a camera you still don’t know how to use properly. Don’t spend too much time just sitting still in front of the telly having a coffee. Have a coffee and finish some more of your 40000000 little projects.

3. Be more confident and get used to the sound of your own voice.. so you’ll start to feel a bit more adequate and try to feel as grown-up as the older staff when at work and when working at school and at brownies. I know you’ve not got a lot of experience but you’re not that bad! Speak with more confidence and just try to be who you want to be a bit more.  This should help with those dreaded PGCE/ job interviews!

4. Enjoy now more. Instead of thinking of now as time in limbo between university and the rest of your life, appreciate that this year is just as important as the year when you finally get a proper job, your own house and go on your holiday to New York to celebrate the first summer of working full time. Try your best not to hate having to go to work at Debenhams, enjoy studying, don’t worry about the fact that you’ve spent way more than you could afford on your new course. Think about other options if it turns out that teaching just isn’t for you. In short. Stop worrying about the future already.

5. Sort your room out.  I mean it this time. Grow up.

6. Don’t grow up too much. 🙂

Oh and, 7. Find some more interesting things to write blogs about.

Happy New Year!!! xx


2012, Personal Highlights.

I found that 2012 was a pretty good year, I’m just going to post a few pictures of the highlights:

1.  Beer in Belgium. 

A brilliant week with the ale society, it was like no holiday i’ve ever been on before.



Cantillon Brewery! C’est si bon!

Moeder Lambic!

Delerium Cafe!

A La Mort Subite

It was just such a good trip!

2. Wingsum’s 21st- London

it was hillarious.

3. Going Down Gaping Gill, Ingleborough. (see previous blog post 😀 )

4. Graduation! Getting my 2:1 honours degree in Popular and World Musics! 

5. Dublin with Charlotte! 

6. When Grandad went gliding. (Just after I had acquired a new, really good, camera.)

7. The work Christmas ball. It was nice. 

8. Penny moved in!


9. The cake i’m most proud of : Dad’s 50th.

10. This pumpkin.

11. Starting my MA at Huddersfield. I love it.

12. There are probably a few more things.. I liked the Olympic opening ceremony… things like that. 

So, Happy New Year one and all! I hope this new year will bring you so much fun. x