2012, Personal Highlights.

I found that 2012 was a pretty good year, I’m just going to post a few pictures of the highlights:

1.  Beer in Belgium. 

A brilliant week with the ale society, it was like no holiday i’ve ever been on before.



Cantillon Brewery! C’est si bon!

Moeder Lambic!

Delerium Cafe!

A La Mort Subite

It was just such a good trip!

2. Wingsum’s 21st- London

it was hillarious.

3. Going Down Gaping Gill, Ingleborough. (see previous blog post 😀 )

4. Graduation! Getting my 2:1 honours degree in Popular and World Musics! 

5. Dublin with Charlotte! 

6. When Grandad went gliding. (Just after I had acquired a new, really good, camera.)

7. The work Christmas ball. It was nice. 

8. Penny moved in!


9. The cake i’m most proud of : Dad’s 50th.

10. This pumpkin.

11. Starting my MA at Huddersfield. I love it.

12. There are probably a few more things.. I liked the Olympic opening ceremony… things like that. 

So, Happy New Year one and all! I hope this new year will bring you so much fun. x


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