World Thinking Day – Brownie Uniforms from around the world.

World thinking day is on the 22nd February each year, it’s a time where brownies, guides and scouts are encouraged to think about brownies, guides and scouts in other countries all around the world. 

This year, as part of my leadership qualification, I ran an activity with our brownies which focused on the uniforms of brownies around the world. I found that resources and websites with clear images of the different uniforms were hard to come by, and it was even more difficult to find a website which had all of these different uniforms arranged on one page. So, to tackle this I had to try to make my own! Using Google images and , I drew out the uniforms onto a paper doll template with pen, and scanned these drawings into Photoshop to be coloured in electronically. 

I have decided to post an image of my efforts, on the off chance that other brownie leaders looking for some pictures of brownie uniforms of the world might stumble upon it. If that happens, then you’re welcome to use it and I hope you find it helpful. I will try my best to upload a good quality image. 

Happy Thinking Day! 

Brownie Uniforms of The World. Thinking Day. 2013


26 thoughts on “World Thinking Day – Brownie Uniforms from around the world.

  1. Excellent – had just resigned myself to undertaking similar activity for our brownies to do thier world badge when I came across this, thank you for sharing you hard work.

  2. Thank you so much , this is has been so helpful for an activity I have been planning to do with my Brownies about Brownie uniforms around the world. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for your effort! We are incorporating a craft into the World of Girls Journey, and we will use the different Brownies holding hands around a picture of the earth. I was going to try to find pics of girls around the world in traditional dress, but this really ties in the idea of Girl Scout sisterhood around the world! Again, thank you!

  4. Oh thank u so much, i have been searching for the different uniforms in girlguide for my daughter who is a little maid, this info n pic has been very helpful, once again than u so much 😀

  5. Dude, the most clear image of the different Brownie uniforms on the interweb! Thank you so much, this is a great help!

  6. Thank you so much, I have been looking for images of other countries uniforms to show my Brownies in the UK as we no longer have the A3 posters.

  7. Fabulous page and thanks for sharing – why there isn’t a similar official sheet heaven only knows!! Very useful for our Brownies – we are going back to basics and this is really great to help them to realise that there are Brownies all over the World in 145 different countries!! Thanks

    • I was thinking the same. When I was a girl, there was a poster that was styled much like this. I was always fascinated by the fact that we were all Girl Guides/Scouts, yet our uniforms were unique to our location. I would LOVE one of these, only in Daisy form.

  8. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this. We are doing our brownie world guiding badge and it is just what I need. I remember doing this badge a few years ago with my unit and spending hours trawling the internet looking for pictures of brownie uniform from around the world, so you’ve saved me a lot of time. Thank you again.

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  10. Although this is useful it dose no have the uniform for the countries our brownies chose any idea where I can get the uniform for France, Spain.,Jamaica, Australia and Sudan.
    We let them choose a country themselves thinking it would be easy to find the uniform but the big surprise was we couldn’t find anything for France and Spain and very little on the others.

  11. Thank you for going to the trouble of doing this! I am going to use it as part of our World Thinking day activities and as we are also working towards our World Guiding badge, we can use it towards that too.
    Thanks again!

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