Step by Step, How to make an owl cake decoration.

I would like to share with you, this step to step guide for how to make an owl  for a cupcake topper or as a cake decoration. I made it as a guide for a Brownie activity (7-10 years old) and the Brownies completed this task very successfully, with some fantastic looking cupcakes to show for their efforts at the end. It was a very fun activity.

I will upload the biggest possible image for the instruction sheet so it will be printable on A4 should anybody wish to try it out for themselves.

Here are the step by step instructions:

Naomi Jameson- step by step brownie owl cupcake decoration

Some Tips:

This would be a very simple way to make an owl decoration for an adult making a batch of cupcakes with an owl theme, it will also be a good activity to do with children of 5 and over. Younger children could require more help, but older children could make them fairly independently. It’s an ideal Brownie craft and could also be a fun idea for a children’s party.

To save some time, I had pre-baked and piped butter cream onto enough cupcakes onto 36 cupcakes, enough for all of the Brownies and adults. I had also pre-coloured some fondant icing so we had lots of colours and everything was ready to use.

I then made each brownie a little kit on a paper plate, with all of the right amounts of fondant icing shared out ready. This way none of the owls would end up too large and heavy for the cupcakes.

For each owl you will need, a small ball of coloured fondant icing (marzipan would work too) an even smaller ball of yellow or orange fondant for the beak and feet, an even smaller ball of white fondant for the owl’s eyes and an EVEN SMALLER ball/ pip of black fondant for the pupils of the owl’s eyes.

Dust the surface that you are working on with icing sugar so that the icing doesn’t stick to the surface. But try hard not to get too much icing sugar on to of the owl or it will get too dry and will look a bit pale and dusty. If the icing does get too dusty you can brush it off with a food paintbrush and a tiny amount of warm water. Or if you’re an adult baking for adults, brush a bit of vodka onto the owl, it will clean it up a treat and will dry in an instant.

Also, Don’t poke the straws too hard into the icing to make the feathered pattern, or else you might end up cutting holes into the owl’s belly by accident.

Here are the pictures from when our Brownie unit made them:





I hope this will be useful to some people!


Naomi xx


(Inspiration for the owl technique came from this source: .)