World Thinking Day – Brownie Uniforms from around the world.

World thinking day is on the 22nd February each year, it’s a time where brownies, guides and scouts are encouraged to think about brownies, guides and scouts in other countries all around the world. 

This year, as part of my leadership qualification, I ran an activity with our brownies which focused on the uniforms of brownies around the world. I found that resources and websites with clear images of the different uniforms were hard to come by, and it was even more difficult to find a website which had all of these different uniforms arranged on one page. So, to tackle this I had to try to make my own! Using Google images and , I drew out the uniforms onto a paper doll template with pen, and scanned these drawings into Photoshop to be coloured in electronically. 

I have decided to post an image of my efforts, on the off chance that other brownie leaders looking for some pictures of brownie uniforms of the world might stumble upon it. If that happens, then you’re welcome to use it and I hope you find it helpful. I will try my best to upload a good quality image. 

Happy Thinking Day! 

Brownie Uniforms of The World. Thinking Day. 2013